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Sean Rodriguez is on fire in Triple-A for the Bees

Once a week (Every Monday) AngelsWin.com will cover the top 10 hottest prospects in the organization. We will list their current stats and feats with a little blurb on each player. This is a great way for you Halo fans to find out who's hot in the Angels organization. It is important as a fan to know who is up and coming in the organization because prospects not only strengthen our team in the future, but they also become trade fodder for teams looking to rebuild who might give up an established player in the big leagues.

Covering the minor leagues has been something we at Angelswin.com enjoy doing for for the fans and parents of the Halos minor leaguers, giving recognition to top performers for the previous week . The top 10 hottest future Halos will be covered here, but if you have any questions on other prospects in other organizations or if want to send your comments on our weekly lists, send me an email at chuck@angelswin.com and I will respond in a timely manner.

Now, on to this weeks' Angelswin.com Prospect Hotlist

By Jason Sinner - Angelswin.com Columnist

1. Sean Rodriguez, 2b, Class AAA, Salt Lake Bees
Last 10 games: 16-42 (.381avg), 14runs, 4 doubles, 4 hrs, 15rbi, 2bb/8k
Season: .321avg. (168ab), 15 doubles, 15hr, 40rbi, 23bb/29k, 1.109ops

Sean has made the most progress of any player in the system from his previous season. He is hitting for power and average and is showing terrific plate discipline. There is no doubt that he has a future as a starter with the big club and unlike several others that are blocked at Salt Lake, the Angels will be making room for him. His defensive versatility could have just about anyone looking over their shoulder.

2. Jordan Walden, SP, Class A, Cedar Rapids
Last 6 starts: 1-1, 37.2ip, 25h, 12bb, 35k, 0.72era
Season: 4-6, 2.18era, 107.1ip, 80h, 32bb, 91k, .207baa

Jordan has absolutely dominated in his last six outings giving up a total of three earned runs. He has done everything he can to maintain his status as one of the Halos top prospects. With several of the farm’s upper level prospects faltering, Jordan is arguably the top hurler in the system.

3. PJ Phillips, SS, Class High A, Rancho Cucamonga
Last 10 games: 18-41 (.439avg), 5 doubles, 3hrs, 6rbi, 1bb/4k, 5sb/1cs
Season: .268avg, 17 doubles, 6 triples, 6 hrs, 40rbi, 14bb/85k, 26sb/5cs, .712ops

No doubt PJ deserves to be on the list this week. He’s stormed back from a horrible slump and now has very respectable numbers overall. The strikeouts are still a concern, but he has made some progress over last years numbers. Hopefully, this hot streak is a good sign that he is starting to turn the corner.

4. Freddy Sandoval, 3b, Class AAA, Salt Lake Bees
Last 10 games: 17-40 (.425avg), 5 doubles, 1hr, 3bb/0k
Season: .326avg, 29 doubles, 1 triple, 13hrs, 65rbi, 35bb/50k, .907ops

Poor Freddy. He is, once again, putting up excellent numbers while his teammates get all the pub. He may not turn out to be a super star, but this kid is going to be a starter for someone someday leaving Angel fans scratching their heads as to why we never gave him a legit shot. At the very least, it seems he could be an adequate replacement for Quinlan when the time comes.

5. Jason Bulger, RP, Class AAA, Salt Lake Bees
Last 10 games: 11.2ip, 0.00era, 6h, 5bb, 20k, 6 saves
Season: 2-0, 0.64era, 10sv, 28.1ip, 17h, 12bb, 48k, .172baa

I keep wondering when Jason is going to get the call. I think he’s proved that he deserves it with that ridiculous era and k/ip ratio. I imagine it’s only a matter of time. I truly hope he has figured it out and that his next recall is his last. If he can come anywhere close to being as good for the Halos as he’s been for SLC, then the team could always use him.

6. Jayson Miller, SP, Class Rookie Advanced, Orem Owlz
5 games (4 starts): 3-0, 0.34era, 26.1ip, 17h, 3bb, 24k, .185baa

One measly earned run and 3 walks in 26.1ip is pretty ridiculous. I think it’s clear that the Washington State product is a bit more advanced than the rest of the pioneer league. I am sure we will be seeing him in CR before long.

7. Trevor Reckling, SP, Class, A, Cedar Rapids
Last 5 starts: 3-0, 34.0ip, 27h, 10bb, 32k, 2.38era
Season: 7-2, 2.36era, 106.2ip, 80h, 47bb, 82k, .212baa

Trevor finally gave up some runs, but not very many. He continues to pitch very well with each and every start and in terms of overall numbers he is not far behind his teammate Jordan.

8. David Herndon, RP, Class High A, Rancho Cucamonga
Last 10 games: 9.0ip, 6sv, 6h, 0.00era, 3bb, 8k
Season: 3-6, 82.2ip, 5.01era, 99h, 15bb, 57k, .305baa

David’s conversion to a reliever is working out quite well so far as he is yet to give up an earned run as Rancho’s closer. He struggled mightily as a starter in the hitter’s haven that is the Cal League but it appears we may have another potentially solid pen arm at our disposal before long.

9. Ryan Aldridge, RP, Class AA, Arkansas Travelers
Last 12 games: 2.08era, 13.0ip, 12h, 1bb, 17k, .231baa

Ryan ruined his perfect era by giving up 3 whole runs in his first twelve games at Arkansas. With his stuff and control, it seriously wouldn’t have surprised me to see him go close to a whole season without letting the opposition score. In reality, he has continued to impress with just one walk and 17k in his first taste of AA.

10. Sean O’Sullivan, SP, Class High A, Rancho Cucamonga
Last 3 starts: 2-0, 19ip, 19h, 3bb, 9k, 2.84era
Season: 10-4, 5.63era, 92.2ip, 106h, 33bb, 67k, .283baa

Although not exactly dominant by Sean’s standards in his last three starts, the perennial era champion appears to have turned a corner from his early season struggles. The Cal league is a good test for any young pitcher and if Sean can prove that he is able to handle himself here, then he will be fine. It was never a question as to whether Sean would turn things around, but more a question of when.

11. Dee Brown, OF, Class AAA, Salt Lake Bees
Last 10 games: 14-34 (.412avg), 7 doubles, 8rbi, 2bb/2k
Season: .270avg, 21 doubles, 9hr, 52rbi, 49bb/47k, .791ops

Dee continues to do everything he can to find his way back to the majors. Just when you think he is going to tale off a bit, he finds a hot streak that makes you wonder if he’s on his way back up. His plate discipline has been excellent which bodes well although it’s a tough go being part of such a deep and talented organization.

12. Manuarys Correa, SP, Class Rookie, AZL
3-0, 1.50era, 24.0ip, 18h, 1bb, 29k, 0.79whip

The thin, hot air of Arizona has been no problem for Manuarys. After performing very well in the Dominican Summer League last year (2.16era, 87.2ip, 68k, 8-1), the 19yo right hander has kept it going strong in his next step.

13. Mark Trumbo, 1b, Class High A, Rancho Cucamonga
Last 10 games: 12-38 (.316avg), 3 doubles, 2hr, 8rbi, 3bb/7k
Season: .290avg, 28 doubles, 2 triples, 22hrs, 61rbi, 21bb/58k, .892ops

Mark leads the organization in hrs. Being relatively thin throughout the system in terms of raw power, the big 1bman’s development this year gives Halo fans hope that a true power hitter is marching his way thru the ranks.

14. Matt Brown, 3b, Class AAA, Salt Lake Bees
Last 10 games: 14-44 (.318avg), 4 doubles, 3hr, 10rbi, 1bb/7k, 3sb
Season: .326avg, 28 doubles, 4 triples, 20hr, 62rbi, 26bb/66k, .981ops

I think it’s pretty clear that Matt has figured out AAA and needs to start getting reps with the big club. He has the same problem though as there is just no room. Along with his fellow hot corner mate in Sandoval, Matt gives the organization tremendous depth at a highly sought after position.

15. Jordan Czarniecki, OF, Class AAA, Salt Lake Bees
Last 10 games: 12-35(.343avg), 2 doubles, 2 triples, 2 hrs, 9rbi, 4bb/4k,
Season: .300avg, 16 doubles, 5 triples, 9hrs, 33rbi, 39bb/43k, .890ops

As a new face in the organization, Jordan has certainly earned his keep. Although he’s not likely to see the majors any time soon, he is likely making it difficult on the power’s that be to write him off as a fill in. Hopefully, he gets at least a taste of what it’s like to play in the bigs someday.

Keep an eye on: Alexander Torres - The 5'10 southpaw out of Venezuela was brilliant in 4 starts with the Arizona Angels and has since been promoted to High-A Ball with the Quakes. He started last night for the Rancho Cucamonga club and pitched 6 scoreless innings, fanning 5. In 5 starts, Torres has a 1.23 ERA and has struck out 29 in 29.1 innings.

Worth Mentioning:

The Orem Owlz Offense

Say that ten times fast. Tom Kotchman has these guys raking. Just about the whole team could occupy the entire hot list so here are a few names to get to know:

Roberto Lopez
442avg, 12 doubles, 1hr, 16rbi, 16bb/8k, 1.115ops

Gabe Jacobo
320avg, 11 doubles, 2 triples, 4hr, 22rbi, 7bb/12k, .954ops

Luis Jiminez
.310avg, 8 doubles, 3 triples, 5hr, 25rbi, .899ops

Darwin Perez
.306avg, 6 doubles, 2 triples, 2hr, 11rbi, 16bb/21k, .916ops

Angel Castillo
.300avg, 5 doubles, 2 triples, 7hr, 20rbi, .947ops

Starting Pitchers, Dominican Summer League

Orangel Arena, DOB – 3/31/89
6-0, 0.88era, 51.1ip, 26h, 16bb, 43k, 0.82whip, .149baa

Ariel Pena, DOB – 5/20/89
4-3, 2.14era, 46.1ip, 39h, 13bb, 51k, 1.12whip, .223baa

Baudillo Lopez, DOB – 11/20/90
3-2, 2.53era, 46.1ip, 41h, 11bb, 64k, 1.12whip, .233baa

Fabio Martinez Mesa, DOB – 10/29/89
4-0, 1.64era, 44.0ip, 31h, 19bb, 54k, 1.14whip, .203baa

The numbers speak for themselves. I presume that there is no fence in any of the Dominican parks and they play with 12 defenders. That could be the only way to explain such gaudy stats. We make a big deal about our domestic prospects, but the Halos have a major presence in the Caribbean and it will be fun to see some of these guys come out of nowhere in a couple of years.

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