Monday, September 28, 2009

Sean Scanlon from spent a leisurely 20 minutes with Bill McDonald in the press dining area as the Angels were putting it to the Texas Rangers. And I must say, in person he's a lot like he comes off on the broadcasts. Enthusiastic guy who really loves the game. If you had meet him on the street, instead of in the stadium with the immaculate suit (and SANUK sandals) would think you had just run in to another diehard fan.

Without quotes because it was a back and forth conversation and I can't read my are is a rough summary of our conversation.

the job....

Bill has been a lifelong Angels fan even before they moved here from LA. He can remember the first game in the stadium against the Giants with Mays and McCovey (exhibition game I'm going to assume). So this job is a dream come true for him. He gets to see the Angels, Lakers, college football...and even the Ducks are pretty cool. When pressed to name his favorite sport...he demurred...each sport has a different flavor.

his Angel memories

Bill, Rory and the others were just talking about 2002, and how unexpected it was. The energy was just amazing, one of his favorite sporting memories. As compared to 82 and 86...which was absolutely his worst sporting memory as he had one leg over the wall and was ready to jump the field when Donnie delivered his fateful pitch. He agreed, this was definitely the golden age of Angels baseball (if he uses that on the broadcast tonight...he better give me credit!)

about the NFL

Another shared moment as we reminisced about the Rams playing at the commenting I could care less if they came back while Billy Mac was pissed at the NFL and couldn't wait for a team to return.

about Angel fans

A shared laugh as we recalled seeing fans stream out of Camden Yards during a blowout (much like they do in Fenway as well). Angel fans get a bad rap, the environment has completely changed since Arte has taken over the franchise. (of course, it's a lot easier to convince ourselves of that as we listen to the Halos take a 7 run lead and move 6 innings away from clinching). Then again as I type my notes the Angel fans are now doing the wave 4 innings from clinching the AL West and going wild for free Buffalo wings.

about the Boston jinx

Is there a jinx? Billy Mac would like to think not, and we both agreed it's probably more in the fan and media's heads than it is the players. Look, if the Angels show up, they can win...if they don't show up they lose. They match up with everyone, do you really think the Angels are in the Yanks head Billy Mac asks? Not likely, though we as fans would like to think so is my response. Exactly. And Fenway isn't impossible, it's not like it's overly intimidating when you are's just a ballpark.

his final thoughts on the playoff run

Angels have the starters to match up with anyone 1-4. They may not have the stopper, but they have the depth. Billy expects Kazmir to be bullets in the series and that Ervin knows he's going to the pen and is ready to give them team what it needs. What is the key?

Billy Mac looked at me..."you know what is missing, I know, Scioscia knows...the bullpen".

my final thoughts

Either Billy Mac is just an incredibly cool person, or was very bored (though I'm sure it was a bit of both). He knew everyone and took great pride in to rubbing it in to Randy Youngman that he was talking to the Enemy (an evil blogger like me). I probably could have talked to him for an hour. The personality you see on tv is real, he loves the game and talking about the game. He didn't just want to tell me what he thought, but was interested in what I thought, if we were seeing the same things (or, was that a test? hmmm). Thanks for helping make my first foray in to the press box a memorable one.
Love to hear what you think!


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