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Los Angeles Angels Players

As of last week all of the players have reported to Tempe in preparation for their first exhibition game this Saturday against the Los Angeles Dodgers and for a solid month of contests in Arizona before the regular season opener in Kansas City against the Royals on March 31st. With the 2011 season nigh for the Los Angeles Angels, our entire staff of writers and contributors were asked recently to supply their take on several questions heading into the 2011 campaign.  

Once the Angels' regular season concludes we'll circle back to this Blog entry to see who responded with the most correct answers from  Should be fun to look back on at that time.

What is your offseason grade?

(Chuck Richter) B- Improved bullpen, added offense in Wells, improved defense in the outfield and one of the best starting pitching staffs in the game.

(Bruce Nye) B-

(Sean Scanlon) C - Some glaring needs were not addressed (3B) and the acquisition of Vernon Wells needs to payoff immediately, because the long term benefits are questionable at best

(Geoff Stoddart) C

(Brent Hubbard) B- /C+

(Jason Sinner) C

(Brian Ilten) C-

(Eric Notti) B-

(Victor Varadi)  C

(Jonathan Northrop) D+

(Geoff Bilau) C+ (not great, not awful, bullpen/LF improved)

(Brett Borden) D

(Lou Garcia) B-

(Randy Lawrence) B

(Coral Marshall) To be honest, I’m not sold on the Wells/Napoli deal, and the Weaver arbitration situation is going to hurt when it comes to signing a long term deal, a C for doing the minimum

(Sean Dodds) C ... Hard to judge the offseason until after the season is over

(David Saltzer) D+

(Adam Dodge) D

Biggest question going into Spring Training?

(Chuck Richter) Will Morales come back to 2009-2010 before injury form?

(Bruce Nye) will Rodney be effective? (Ed. Comment - I doubt it)

(Sean Scanlon) Who emerges at 3B and behind the plate

(Geoff Stoddart) Will Bourjos show marked improvement at the plate?

(Brent Hubbard) Will Aybar hold the SS job?

(Jason Sinner) When will Kendry return to form?

(Brian Ilten) Is "too little in the off season" enough?

(Eric Notti) Kendry's Health

(Victor Varadi) Who will close and who will lead off?

(Jonathan Northrop) Tie: How will Morales come back? Which Scott Kazmir will show up?

(Geoff Bilau) How many of the hitters who had down years in 2010 will rebound?

(Brett Borden) Kendry Morales' health

(Lou Garcia) - Will Kendry be as productive as he was pre-injury?

(Randy Lawrence) Who wins the starting catching job?

(Coral Marshall) What will come of the Wells trade?

(Sean Dodds) Will Conger or Wilson beat out Mathis?

(David Saltzer) Have the Angels done enough to improve their offense?

(Adam Dodge) Will Kazmir show that he’s back to where he was 2-3 years ago?

Which player will create the most buzz this spring?

(Chuck Richter) Peter Bourjos

(Bruce Nye) Mike Trout

(Sean Scanlon) Mike Trout

(Geoff Stoddart) Hank Conger

(Brent Hubbard) Mark Trumbo

(Jason Sinner) Mike Trout

(Brian Ilten) Hank Conger

(Eric Notti) Mike Trout

(Victor Varadi) Hank Conger

(Jonathan Northrop) Mike Trout

(Geoff Bilau) Mike Trout

(Brett Borden) Mike Trout

(Lou Garcia) Hank Conger

(Randy Lawrence) Mike Trout

(Coral Marshall) I have to agree with Chuck, Bourjos

(Sean Dodds) Mike Trout

(David Saltzer) Mike Trout

(Adam Dodge) Mike Trout

Who is your Angels’ 2011 sleeper?

(Chuck Richter) Brandon Wood

(Bruce Nye) Alberto Callaspo

(Sean Scanlon) Kevin Jepsen, it's time for him to emerge as the closer

(Geoff Stoddart) Alberto Callaspo

(Brent Hubbard) Brandon Wood

(Jason Sinner) Maicer Izturis

(Brian Ilten) Peter Bourjos

(Eric Notti) Mark Trumbo

(Victor Varadi) Alberto Callaspo

(Jonathan Northrop) Brandon Wood

(Geoff Bilau) Jeff Mathis

(Brett Borden) Brandon Wood

(Lou Garcia) Jordan Walden

(Randy Lawrence) Brandon Wood

(Coral Marshall) Howie Kendrick

(Sean Dodds) Howie Kendrick

(David Saltzer) Brandon Wood

(Adam Dodge) Jordan Walden

Which player is most likely to disappoint in 2011?

(Chuck Richter) Fernando Rodney

(Bruce Nye) Scott Kazmir

(Sean Scanlon) Howie Kendrick, until he hits .330 I will continue to be disappointed with him...Jered Weaver is a close second...and I refuse to think what will happen if it's Vernon Wells

(Geoff Stoddart) Erick Aybar

(Brent Hubbard) Erick Aybar

(Jason Sinner) Jeff Mathis

(Brian Ilten) Scott Kazmir

(Eric Notti) Maicer Izturis will have health issues again

(Victor Varadi) Bourjos, cos he won't hit

(Jonathan Northrop) Take your pick, but I'll say Aybar

(Geoff Bilau) Scott Kazmir

(Brett Borden) Torii Hunter

(Lou Garcia) - Erick Aybar

(Randy Lawrence) Fernando Rodney

(Coral Marshall) Vernon Wells, our only big name acquisition this offseason has the weight of the world on his shoulders and while I like him as a player, I doubt he can measure up

(Sean Dodds) Bobby Abreu

(David Saltzer) Erick Aybar

(Adam Dodge) Vernon Wells

Who is your pick for comeback player of the year?

(Chuck Richter) Brandon Wood

(Bruce Nye) Alberto Callaspo

(Sean Scanlon) Scott Kazmir, I don't expect a return to all-star form, but he really can't be this bad this quick...can he?

(Geoff Stoddart) Kendry Morales – if they Angels are going to have a chance this year, he has to be the comeback player

(Brent Hubbard) Scott Kazmir

(Jason Sinner) Bobby Abreu

(Brian Ilten) Kendry Morales (it HAS to be if they are going to amount to anything)

(Eric Notti) Kendry Morales

(Victor Varadi) Kendry Morales

(Jonathan Northrop) Kendry Morales or Scott Kazmir

(Geoff Bilau) Maicer Iztuirs

(Brett Borden) Brandon Wood

(Lou Garcia) - Bobby Abreu

(Randy Lawrence) Scott Kazmir

(Coral Marshall) Scott Kazmir, unless there is just something about Tampa Bay (which is doubtful) Kaz has to bounce back

(Sean Dodds) Howie Kendrick

(David Saltzer) Kendry Morales

(Adam Dodge) Erick Aybar

What pitcher will lead the team in strikeouts?

(Chuck Richter) Jered Weaver

(Bruce Nye) Jered Weaver

(Sean Scanlon) Tough call, Santana anyone?

(Geoff Stoddart) Haren

(Brent Hubbard) Kazmir

(Jason Sinner) Weaver

(Brian Ilten) Weaver

(Eric Notti) Dan Haren

(Victor Varadi) Ervin Santana

(Jonathan Northrop) Jered Weaver

(Geoff Bilau) Dan Haren

(Brett Borden) Dan Haren

(Lou Garcia) Weaver

(Randy Lawrence) Weaver

(Coral Marshall) Jered Weaver led the league last year, I think he can lead the team this year

(Sean Dodds) Jered Weaver

(David Saltzer) Jered Weaver

(Adam Dodge) Jered Weaver

Which Angel reliever saves the most games in '11?

(Chuck Richter) Scott Downs

(Bruce Nye) Gulp - Rodney

(Sean Scanlon) Kevin Jepsen

(Geoff Stoddart) Fernando Rodney

(Brent Hubbard) Kohn

(Jason Sinner) Walden

(Brian Ilten) Rodney

(Eric Notti) Jordan Walden, Rodney will be displaced and possibly traded mid season

(Victor Varadi) Someone who isn't currently on the roster

(Jonathan Northrop) Jordan Walden

(Geoff Bilau) Fernando Rodney

(Brett Borden) Flip a coin

(Lou Garcia) Fernando Rodney

(Randy Lawrence) Walden

(Coral Marshall) Someone who gets signed before the trade deadline. Closer by committee?

(Sean Dodds)  Fernando Rodney

(David Saltzer) Jordan Walden

(Adam Dodge) Kevin Jepsen

Which player finishes with the top batting average?

(Chuck Richter) Howie Kendrick

(Bruce Nye) Kendry Morales

(Sean Scanlon) Bobby Abreu

(Geoff Stoddart) Howie Kendrick

(Brent Hubbard) Kendry Morales

(Jason Sinner) Howie Kendrick

(Brian Ilten) Howie Kendrick

(Eric Notti) Howie Kendrick

(Victor Varadi) Aybar! That's right, I said it!

(Jonathan Northrop) Howie Kendrick

(Geoff Bilau) Kendry Morales

(Brett Borden) Kendry Morales

(Lou Garcia) Howie Kendrick

(Randy Lawrence) Howie Kendrick

(Coral Marshall) Howie Kendrick

(Sean Dodds) Howie Kendrick

(David Saltzer) Kendry Morales

(Adam Dodge) Erick Aybar

Which player slugs the most home runs?

(Chuck Richter) Kendry Morales

(Bruce Nye) If Morales gets 600 at bats. If not, Vernon Wells

(Sean Scanlon) If the answer is Torii Hunter, it's a long season

(Geoff Stoddart) Vernon Wells

(Brent Hubbard) Kendry Morales

(Jason Sinner) Wells, Hunter, and Morales with tie with 30 each

(Brian Ilten) Vernon Wells

(Eric Notti) Vernon Wells -34

(Victor Varadi) Morales, and this is a no-brainer

(Jonathan Northrop) Kendry Morales

(Geoff Bilau) Kendry Morales

(Brett Borden) Kendry Morales

(Lou Garcia) Morales (Wells a close 2nd)

(Randy Lawrence) Kendry Morales

(Coral Marshall) Torii Hunter

(Sean Dodds) Vernon Wells

(David Saltzer) Kendry Morales

(Adam Dodge) Torii Hunter

Which player steals the most bases?

(Chuck Richter) Peter Bourjos

(Bruce Nye) Peter Bourjos

(Sean Scanlon) Do the Angels steal anymore?

(Geoff Stoddart) Peter Bourjos

(Brent Hubbard) Peter Bourjos

(Jason Sinner) Peter Bourjos

(Brian Ilten) Peter Bourjos

(Eric Notti) Peter Bourjos, if he plays full time then upwards of 60

(Victor Varadi) Peter Bourjos if he stays on the team. Otherwise, Howie Kendrick

(Jonathan Northrop) Peter Bourjos

(Geoff Bilau) Peter Bourjos. (Abreu if Bourjos can't hit)

(Brett Borden) Peter Bourjos

(Lou Garcia) Peter Bourjos

(Randy Lawrence) Peter Bourjos

(Coral Marshall) Peter Bourjos

(Sean Dodds) Erick Aybar

(David Saltzer) Peter Bourjos

(Adam Dodge) Bobby Abreu

What catcher hits the most home runs in '11?

(Chuck Richter) Hank Conger

(Bruce Nye) Bobby Wilson

(Sean Scanlon) Seeing as we might be lucky to see them hit 10 combined, not sure it really matters

(Geoff Stoddart) Hank Conger

(Brent Hubbard) Jeff Mathis

(Jason Sinner) Bobby Wilson

(Brian Ilten) Hank Conger

(Eric Notti) Jeff Mathis

(Victor Varadi) Hank Conger

(Jonathan Northrop) Hank Conger

(Geoff Bilau) Jeff Mathis

(Brett Borden) Hank Conger

(Lou Garcia) Bobby Wison

(Randy Lawrence) Conger – if he gets playing time

(Coral Marshall) Well, we had a catcher who hit 20 or more home runs for the past three years

(Sean Dodds) Bobby Wilson

(David Saltzer) Bobby Wilson

(Adam Dodge) Hank Conger

Will Peter Bourjos win a gold glove in his first full season in the big leagues?

(Chuck Richter) Yes. BourJesus Saves!!

(Bruce Nye) No - but close

(Sean Scanlon) Only if he secretly implanted Ted Williams ability to hit in his hands over the winter... the bigger question is will he be on the major league roster over the entire season

(Geoff Stoddart) No. I don’t think he’s offensive numbers will help him win this defensive award

(Brent Hubbard) Yes

(Jason Sinner) No

(Brian Ilten) No

(Eric Notti) If he plays full time and his defense equals last season then he should be the outright winner

(Victor Varadi) not even close b/c he'd need to hit close to .300...and he won't

(Jonathan Northrop) Probably not, but he may deserve it

(Geoff Bilau) No

(Brett Borden) Yes

(Lou Garcia) No - whether he deserves it or not

(Randy Lawrence) I think he’ll have the defense to deserve it but I doubt he’ll get it. He’ll be in the running

(Coral Marshall): He will likely deserve it, but the fact that he shares the spotlight with Hunter and Wells, and plays on the West Coast makes this an unlikely proposition

(Sean Dodds) No

(David Saltzer) Yes

(Adam Dodge) No

Angels 2011 minor league player of the year?

(Chuck Richter) Either Jean Segura (Hitter), Trevor Reckling (Pitcher)

(Bruce Nye) Mike Trout

(Sean) Mike Trout, unless he's the Rookie of the Year for all of baseball

(Geoff Stoddart) Mark Trumbo

(Brent Hubbard) Mike Trout

(Jason Sinner) Position player - Trout, Pitcher - Garrett Richards

(Brian Ilten) Mike Trout

(Eric Notti) Jean Segura

(Victor Varadi) Mike Trout

(Jonathan Northrop) Mike Trout

(Geoff Bilau) Mike Trout

(Brett Borden) Mike Trout

(Lou Garcia) Mike Trout

(Randy Lawrence) Mike Trout

(Coral Marshall) Mike Trout

(Sean Dodds) Mike Trout

(David Saltzer) Mike Trout (position), Fabio Martinez-Mesa (pitcher)

(Adam Dodge) Mike Trout

Who will be the 2011 Angels’ MVP?

(Chuck Richter) Torii Hunter

(Bruce Nye) Vernon Wells

(Sean Scanlon) Vernon Wells...ha! Dan Haren

(Geoff Stoddart) Vernon Wells

(Brent Hubbard) Kendry Morales

(Jason Sinner) Howie Kendrick

(Brian Ilten) Torii Hunter

(Eric Notti) Wells, he has something to prove

(Victor Varadi) Ervin Santana

(Jonathan Northrop) Howie Kendrick

(Geoff Bilau) Kendry Morales

(Brett Borden) Kendry Morales

(Lou Garcia) Vernon Wells

(Randy Lawrence) Torii Hunter/Kendry Morales

(Coral Marshall) Torii Hunter

(Sean Dodds) Vernon Wells

(David Saltzer) Kendry Morales

(Adam Dodge) Howie Kendrick

How many runs will the Angels score in 2011?

(Chuck Richter) 879

(Bruce Nye) 900

(Sean Scanlon) no clue

(Geoff Stoddart) 790

(Brent Hubbard) 852

(Jason Sinner) 767

(Brian Ilten) 750

(Eric Notti) 795

(Victor Varadi) 799

(Jonathan Northrop) 758

(Geoff Bilau) 791

(Brett Borden) 100 more than last year

(Lou Garcia) - 848

(Randy Lawrence) 820

(Coral Marshall) More than the 681 they scored last year

(Sean Dodds) 741

(David Saltzer) 820

(Adam Dodge) 733

How many games will the Angels win in 2011?

(Chuck Richter) 93

(Bruce Nye) 90

(Sean Scanlon) 91

(Geoff Stoddart) 90

(Brent Hubbard) 95

(Jason Sinner) 89

(Brian Ilten) 88

(Eric Notti) 93

(Victor Varadi) 92

(Jonathan Northrop) 90

(Geoff Bilau) 90

(Brett Borden) 84

(Lou Garcia) 91

(Randy Lawrence) 91

(Coral Marshall) 90

(Sean Dodds) 92

(David Saltzer) 94

(Adam Dodge) 87

What AL West team will be the toughest for the Angels in '11?

(Chuck Richter) Oakland. Texas doesn't have the pitching in my opinion

(Bruce Nye) Tie - Texas and Oakland

(Sean Scanlon) Texas obviously, though I think they'll have a letdown from last year

(Geoff Stoddart) Texas

(Brent Hubbard) Oakland

(Jason Sinner) Oakland

(Brian Ilten) Texas

(Eric Notti) Oakland

(Victor Varadi) Texas.

(Jonathan Northrop) Texas

(Geoff Bilau) Oakland

(Brett Borden) Texas

(Lou Garcia) Texas

(Randy Lawrence) Oakland – always tough on the Angels

(Coral Marshall) Texas, with Josh Hamilton, anything is possible.

(Sean Dodds) Texas

(David Saltzer) Texas

(Adam Dodge) Texas

Will the 2011 Angels make the playoffs?

(Chuck Richter) Yes

(Bruce Nye) Yes

(Sean Scanlon) Yes

(Geoff Stoddart) Yes

(Brent Hubbard) Yes

(Jason Sinner) Yes

(Brian Ilten) No

(Eric Notti) Yes

(Victor Varadi) Yes

(Jonathan Northrop) - I'm 50-50, but just so we have some degree of balance I'll say No

(Geoff Bilau) Sure

(Brett Borden) No

(Lou Garcia) Yes, it's a lock

(Randy Lawrence) yes

(Coral Marshall) Your 2011 American League Wild Card winners

(Sean Dodds) Yes

(David Saltzer) Yes

(Adam Dodge) Yes

Your fearless prediction?

(Chuck Richter) Peter Bourjos will bat over .280, steal over 40 bases and hit more than 15 home runs

(Bruce Nye) The Angels win the west

(Sean Scanlon) Vernon Wells does better than some people fear, but not enough to silence critics. The Angels make a summer deadline deal to fill the gaping hole at 3B that pushes them over the top

(Geoff Stoddart) Bourjos will bat over .300

(Brent Hubbard) Izturis will start more than 120 games, mostly at short

(Jason Sinner) Brandon Wood will play 120 games at 3B

(Brian Ilten) Angels will draw less than 3 million

(Eric Notti) Vernon Wells out performs projections and Rosenthal has to swallow his microphone. The Mathis era ends after Scioscia can no longer justify his inability to hit a baseball. Callaspo returns to his 2008 form and hits for a good average while putting up a .780 - .800 OPS. Reagins will make another mid season trade, only this time it won't be a front line player but bench depth

(Victor Varadi) someone wil save 30 games for the Angels this season

(Jonathan Northrop) Brandon Wood has a moderate breakout year, with a .750+ OPS

(Geoff Bilau) Jeff Mathis becomes a legitimate starting catcher, hitting double digit home runs

(Brett Borden) Wood earns the full time job at 3rd base

(Lou Garcia) Angels make it to at least the ALCS

(Randy Lawrence) Wood wins the 3B starting position out of ST

(Coral Marshall) Kazmir bounces back to Tampa Bay form

(Sean Dodds) Weaver will win over 20 games this year

(David Saltzer) As a team the Angels will hit over 150 HRs and steal over 150 bases

(Adam Dodge) Angels have two Starting Pitchers win 20 games
Love to hear what you think!

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