Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tim Salmon Speaks with

Interview conducted by David Saltzer, Senior Writer June 1st, 2012
All Angels fans know Tim Salmon. As a player, he was Mr. Angels. He was the Angels first, and only, Rookie of the Year.

Now, Angels fans are getting to meet another aspect to Tim Salmon: that as an announcer for Fox Sports West. As part of the broadcast team, Salmon brings his experience on the field into the broadcast booth. For Angels fans, continuing to see Tim Salmon, and, getting to see him evolve and mature as an announcer is something of a joy. sat down with Tim Salmon to find out about his transition from the field to the broadcast booth. We then spoke about the next wave of Angels talent: Mark Trumbo and Mike Trout. We then finished up talking about the changes that he has seen in the team this year and about how he traditionally got off to a slow start offensively and how the current group of Angels players may have had similar experiences.

Listen to how quickly and keenly Tim dissects the game. As we were conducting the interview, Tim was watching the game against the Texas Rangers on a TV monitor. At one point he identifies a ball that should have been caught by Nelson Cruz, but wasn't, all without missing a beat in the interview. That led to the Angels' first run of the night.

Ironically, shortly after conducting this interview, Angels fans got to see a bit of what Tim Salmon was talking about during the interview. Shortly after explaining to us about the importance of hitting with men on base--and how that distracted the pitcher--the Angels took the lead for good in the game after Aybar was hit by a pitch all while the pitcher was distracted with a man on first base. That ultimately led to the Angels scoring two runs to take the lead for good in the game.

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