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As we celebrate our 10th anniversary at we've focused our attention on our writers, mods, contributors & website members. Today we put the spotlight on Dochalo, one of our longest tenured members, writer and a great contributor to forum discussions. Doc is as witty as they come and a fan favorite among all members at As our resident doctor, Jason has provided insight into player injuries and even aided some of our members when ailing with an injury. 

Let's get to know Dochalo a bit more in today's Member Appreciation Interview. When and how did you first come to

dochalo:  I was an ESPN lurker till 2002 and then joined the board right when it went to hell. Thanks God you created this place or I'd have spent countless hours over the past ten years doing something constructive. I have been here since the start and have a general sense of entitlement as a result  What keeps you coming back to the site?

dochalo: In the immortal words of Elwood - 'This mall has everything'. Excellent info on my favorite sports related topic.  Inside scoops, great articles, but mostly the forum banter.  The day to day interaction can't be beat.  What have been some of your favorite articles and threads?

dochalo: Adam's Foe Fodder articles about the A's. The Munkee thread with the pic of the vomiting chimp. The Vernon Wells trade thread. All of the saber related articles and countless stuff in the hangout.  What in-person events have you attended from (Spring/Summer Fanfests, Charity Golf, Charity Softball)?

dochalo: Early on I had a little more time to attend the softball games but kids and work have made our schedule pretty hectic these days.  I am hoping that with my new job and weekends free I can start to come around more.  Why is your internet home for the Angels?

dochalo: The people first and foremost.  It's fun to discuss such a broad range of topics with people from all walks of life with such differing experiences and opinions.  Yet the common denominator being the halos.  In your opinion, what is’s best feature: the articles, charitable events, game-day chat, message boards, Fanfests, podcasts, etc?

dochalo: To me, it's the message board followed closely by some of the articles/features.  So many creative and funny people.  So many perspectives.  

Lighter Side  Where do you live and what do you do?

dochalo: I don't just play a Doctor on tv.  I am a radiologist and love my job very much.  The healthcare world is changing like crazy right now in so many interesting ways.  Not all good.  Not all bad.  I feel very fortunate to be in a position to do what I want as a physician yet have time to be with my family.  

I live in pasadena.  I really like the San Gabriel Valley and I love living in California after being in the midwest for 9 years.  Chicago is a great city but very cold.  Milwaukee is just very cold. Why are you an Angels fan?

dochalo: I didn't have a choice.  It's in my DNA.  Dad has been a fan since before I was born.  Played a ton of ball growing up so I am just a huge baseball fan in general.  I was a bit of a closet fan for many years.  My friends would make fun of me as they are all Dodger fans.  I quit being a fan for the 1987 season.  I was at the stadium for THE 1986 playoff game.  I was 14 at the time and actually cried.  It didn't take long for me to restore my fandom.  What was your first Angels game that you remember? Who’d you go with?

dochalo: Not my first game, but one that really sticks out is one of the Milwaukee Brewers playoff games.  I went with my Dad and we sat in dead center above the tunnel back before they redid the stadium.  I couldn't see shit even with binoculars.  Grew up in Arcadia and we used to just hop down the 57 to the game in 35mins.  Now it's just a slog to get down there on a weekday.  No offense to anyone, but I am hoping they move the team closer.  :)  Who have been your favorite players? Why? Any great stories or interactions with them?

dochalo: Home grown players mostly although I loved Vladdy.  It's amazing to have a generational player in Trout on the team right now.  Otherwise, Salmon, Edmonds, GA, Chili Davis, Joyner, JT Snow.  I'm left handed so I tend to like those guys most.  

I been able to hang out with Scioscia a few times.  We play golf with him and a few other guys a couple times.  He was in the foursome behind us and was walking up to the tee when I was teeing off. I hit a hole in one!!  I've seen him a couple times since and he says - 'hey, the doctor who hit the whole in one'.  I thought that might be a cool nickname but my wife refused to call me that.  How do you survive the offseason?

dochalo: I enjoy the offseason from about mid November thru January.  Waiting for the season to start those last couple of months is brutal.  Right now is the worst time until the hot stove gets going.  College and NFL football otherwise.  Been getting into hockey a little. What’s one thing you’d like everyone in to know about you?

dochalo: I am a big soccer fan, but I don't like cats or arnold palmers, and I hate scones.  What a waste.  Shit load of calories and butter but they are still dry.  It defies physics. I am also one of those annoying foodie people, but I've been one prior to it being pseudo cool.  I generally cook for the family most nights. My wife is super hot and super sweet.  I totally out kicked my coverage on that one so I locked her up quick.  My kids are smarter, nicer, and better looking than anyone else's kids.......just like everyone else's kids.
Love to hear what you think!

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