Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eric Carpenter of the Orange County Register and I talked on the phone the other day about a feature which ran today titled 1 year later, fans remember Adenhart. In his feature story he quoted the following from our phone conversation.

Shortly after sunrise, fans began gathering outside Angel Stadium.

Many more tried to comfort one another online.

"That morning, it was a shock to all of us. I remember calling a few people and saying, 'Did this really happen?'" said Chuck Richter, 39, founder of a popular fan site and an Angels fan since he was 9.

"We were all rooting for him and he was just blossoming," Richter said.

"To lose somebody at such a young age who showed so much promise ... It was crushing to all of us."

Fans began posting on his Web site. The initial thread grew to at least 30 pages – more than 300 posts from fans expressing condolences.

"I'm really thankful that message board was there," Richter said. "So many Angel fans came there to grieve."

Let's go back a year to read some of the Blog columns and Angels' fan discussions from that day at

The day of Adenhart's dominant start against the Oakland A's, I posted this column on April 8th several hours before game time. Read Eddie Bane's comments on Nick from spring training in 2009 and the entire article by clicking on the "Adenhart gives it another try" link.

Adenhart gives it another try: "Eddie Bane recently had this to say about Nick in our last Eddie Bane Connection feature. "Nick Adenhart is as good a pitching prospect as the game has. He is about the same age as the college guys I am chasing right now. And he has already touched the big leagues. So far in the spring, from what I hear his stuff has been dynamite as always. When Nick gets ahead of the count with a pitch low and in the middle of the plate, he will win consistently in the major leagues. His stuff is top drawer and, specifically, his fastball gets on the hitters".

 Nick Adenhart killed in car accident: Posted on April 9th at 6:44 A.M. - "Someone just called into am830 and claimed he worked security at UCI medical in orange and said that adenhart was brought in after a fatal car accident. I tried to find info online and found a few fatal car accidents in the area but no names were released. I hope the guy was full of it but wanted to see if anyone else has heard anything."

Nick Adenhart 1986-2009: From a Mariners fan that stopped by: Halo fans ~

Words just can't express...

I saw the rumors in the original thread, reading on the bus on my way to work.  Then when the news was oficially confirmed, I audibly caught my breath. I always say that I never root for injuries/illness for any team, as I want my team to engage their competition when both are at 100%.  Obviously, this tragedy is at a whole other level than an elbow sprain or a hamstring tear.  It certainly brings baseball into perspective ... 22 years old ~ baseball star or college student or ditch digger ~ is WAY too young to go.  I have a daughter who is 2 years older than Nick and one two years younger - sometimes things seem to happen in such a bassackward order.

I can't imagine the shock and sorrow Nick's friends and family must be feeling, including that of his extended family in the Halo organization and all their fans.

Sincere heartfelt thoughts and prayers ...
I just keep hearing Billy Joel in my head ~ Only the good die young.

R.I.P. Nick 

Sharing My Thoughts with My AngelsWin Family: Lou Garcia from - "Well, it's taking me all day, but i can finally post my thoughts. I refrained from posting earlier  because i was deeply saddened and  numb, as well as extremely angry.  Why things like this happen i will never understand.  But it's not really for me to figure out, i guess.   Nick will be missed by a lot of people - especially his wonderful family.  By all accounts, he was a great kid. We toss around the phrase " Angels Family" quite a bit, but we are definitely in this together.

As some here are aware of,  I have had quite a few people in my life pass away unexpectedly and it doesn't get any easier. I guess this is why i don't rant or fly off the handle after a loss... even an excruciating one like last night.  You learn that where something like the game of baseball is concerned, there will always be another game.  I got what i wanted - one World Series Championship.  I will gladly take more, but will be happy knowing that the Angels are a top-notch organization, both on and off the field.

Please take this time to not only remember and mourn for Nick and his family, but to share all of your Love with your family and friends.

Also take time to remember those less fortunate than us.  To quote John Wooden: " You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."

Nick Adenhart, you will be missed: Phillip Richmond from Cedar Rapids, Iowa: "Like for all Angels fans, the day Nick Adenhart was announced dead after being hit by a drunk driver, killing two others and seriously injuring another, it has just been a shock, almost unbelievable that he's gone. Here are the thoughts that I wrote on the day Nick went from being heavenly on the mound to supernatural in high places:

I was awoken by a text from my friend Mike, who goes to as many Midwest League games as I do. When I read his text I couldn’t believe it and thought it was just a joke of poor taste. But when I saw that I had several more texts from friends, telling me about what had happened, my day living in shock had begun."

The Day Angels Baseball died: "I have sat here thinking about the tragic events of late Wednesday evening; about the few unfortunate moments that took the life of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two of his companions and left another in critical condition; of sheer senselessness of three lives being snuffed out by a repeat offender, who otherwise deserves no further mention. However, what I’ve perhaps given the most thought is why this has affected me so much."

Baseball marked it's time: "As I sit here at the keyboard, my stomach still churning from today’s tragic news, I can’t help but think of Mike Scioscia, and his ability to turn the page. Whether it’s a tough loss, a blowout, or a rainout, he just channels the mantra of turning the page. As hard as it may be, in order to move on past today, we need to get back into our regular routines. Life and baseball still happen, and to honor both it’s worth looking at how our minor league teams fared.

While last night's major league game was canceled, life still went on for the rest of organization. And, while the loss of Adenhart still stings, our minor leaguers had to roll on, whether they knew Adenhart or had never even played with him. For many, it was an extremely emotional day."

Love to hear what you think!


Angel25Fan said...

I remember that morning like it was yesterday. I remember our conversation when I called you Chuck. We'll never forget.

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