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This week we highlight one of longest tenured members outside of Adam, Victor & Oz, in Sean Scanlon ie. red321. Sean has been a tremendous contributor in the past for our Blog and an insightful member on our forum over the years.

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So without further ado, let's get into the interview with red321. When and how did you first come to

red321: I was part of the great ESPN board migration back in the early days of Angelswin that I like to think “made” Angelswin what it was today, if only to aggrandize my worth to the community and its history. Chuck kept whining, guys, I have this board, come check it out. Finally ESPN made one change to many and we all bailed. To be honest I didn’t think it would last a week, but it’s turned out to be a fantastic home for Angel fans.  What keeps you coming back to the site?

red321: The site is bookmarked in my browser and it’s easier than creating a new one. That and the sense of community. Sometimes I will get frustrated with the tone of the conversation and I’ll make a point to stay away, baseball is supposed to be fun and an escape…but eventually I get dragged back, if only to read the latest why (insert Worst Angel Ever of the moment)…Scioscia…Butcher…etc. etc. suck.  What have been some of your favorite articles and threads?

red321: I think it would be hard to top the Sex with Patio Furniture, IE is an asshole and the Common Courtesy threads. That and any Craig thread.  What in-person events have you attended from (Spring/Summer Fanfests, Charity Golf, Charity Softball)?

red321: I was at the first few softball games, but I don’t attend events in person just in case I run in to someone I know in real life who would then realize I’m an Internet nerd and try and take a swing at me because of something I’ve said to them on the boards.

My favorite moment as part of AngelsWin is when I covered the AL West clinching game vs. Texas back in 2009. Chuck called me at the last moment and I was so nervous, hell, I spent most of my prep time trying to find a pen and notebook. I seriously spent an hour driving around the stadium looking for a store to buy a damn pen and notebook (that I never used). I have no idea why now, but at the time it was the most important thing in the world.

Luckily I had my camera with me so I could hide behind it, and rather than actually introducing myself to any of the players, I could just take photos of Jeff Mathis.

 photo sts_090928_1563_web_zps2f691a9c.jpg

Sitting in the press box was awesome, but somewhat intimidating. No cheering, no smiles…just pretend I’m like all the other jaded reporters who were more interested in reading up on the latest gun news than what was going on with the game. Come on…I was sitting in the DAMN PRESS BOX…my favorite team was going to WIN THE AL WEST…and I’m supposed to act like I’m bored…and not drink a beer? Billy Mac was kind enough to spend some time with me during the middle innings and that definitely made me feel a little more comfortable.

As the game neared its completion and it was apparent the Angels were going to clinch the West I ran in to Tim Mead and he was kind enough to let me go down to the field entrance area behind home plate as long as I stayed out of the way. Which probably didn’t fit in with the text I received from my wife…hey…is that you I can see with your camera right behind the umpire? As Santana was finishing up the Rangers in the 9th inning I was able to capture one of my favorite photos…Santana with his arms up, fireworks going off in the background.

 photo sts_090928_1852_master_web_zps9ef5a263.jpg

(and the guy with the black shirt and the big camera on the field, that would be me.)

 photo hqdefault_zps42feeccd.jpg

Even though I later dropped my $1500 lens and broke it in the stadium parking lot that will always be one of my favorite Angel memories. Chuck still hasn't reimbursed me for that…or the pen.  Why is your internet home for the Angels?

red321: Didn't you already ask this question? The community. Most of the people I hang out with in the real world could give two craps about baseball and the Angels in general, so it’s cool to have a place to talk about the Halos, even if most of you are wrong. Who knew, some of folks on this board I would even consider friends.

Sometimes I love the passion… like the infamous Percival/Cleveland blowup…and the Scioscia was the stupidest manager who ever lived and probably was trying to get fired so he could manage the Dodgers meme (which seems to be making a comeback today)….but sometimes I would love to remind people…it’s supposed to be fun. If you lose sleep, relationships, and your happiness over an Angels game, it’s your choice, but you might be doing it wrong. In your opinion, what is’s best feature: the articles, charitable events, game-day chat, message boards, Fanfests, podcasts, etc?

red321: Best feature…oh…it has to be the comedy, whether intentional or not. That and we actually get some top notch analysis and I love the behind the scene interviews and our ability as fans to actually ask and get questions answered.

Ligther Side  Where do you live and what do you do?

red321: I was born and raised in Fullerton and after a 10 yr. absence of getting sun burned at the beach I’m once again a current resident of Fullerton. My real life work is as boring as can be…but it does allow me to spend time doing what I love to do, photography. Why are you an Angels fan?

red321: Convenience. To be honest, and I’ve never ever admitted this before, I think I was a bigger Dodger fan growing up because I could perfectly mimic Steve Garvey’s swing. Maybe if the Halos didn’t screw up and blow the 1979 pennant against the Orioles I would have been a bigger Angel fan growing up…my dad had tickets to the World Series and everything. For a long period of time I drifted away from baseball. Ultimately what dragged me back was the 1995 season, even if it became one of the biggest choke jobs in baseball history. Apparently I had a hidden sadomasochistic side just waiting to come out that could only be satisfied by a DiSar injury and the flying wing Angel’s logo.  What was your first Angels game that you remember? Who’d you go with?

red321: Ah, geez…I’m sure we went during the 70’s when I was growing up but I would be hard pressed to remember…let’s just blame that on my high school and college years.  Who have been your favorite players? Why? Any great stories or interactions with them?

red321: I was a big GA fan, if only because lots of other folks disliked him. The dude was just so silky smooth with everything he did. At the plate, in the field, and for a period of time you just knew he was going to come through. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else at the plate in Game 7 of the World Series…at that point you knew he was going to come through and the Angels would win.

I once met Don Slaught in the parking lot. A friend of a friend…he had no clue why he was meeting any of us and to be honest, I don’t think anyone who was meeting him actually cared who he was either. I also met the dude who ran FutureAngels…bet y’all are jealous.

I thought we were lucky to call Vlad ours for a few years, but I don’t think any of us really realize just how lucky we are to watch Mike Trout on a day to day basis. We may think we realize…but we don’t.  How do you survive the offseason?

red321: By making sure I don’t read any threads on who the Angels should sign or trade for. What’s one thing you’d like everyone in to know about you?

red321: Nothing…and my photography is available for purchase.
Love to hear what you think!

Listen to "A Fish Like This" Tribute song to Mike Trout's Greatness

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